This website contains the natural history and captive care of North American box turtles. (Terrapene)

If you have specific box turtle questions please check out the FAQ page.Many of the basic questions are answered there.

If you have hibernation questions please check out Dr. Roger Klingenberg’s article on the subject, Box Turtle Hibernation. His detailed article will show you step by step how to hibernate your turtles properly.

If you need more help or can offer help, join the Box Turtle Discussion mailing list, Internet home of the National Box Turtle Care and Conservation Society.


Box turtle captive care web sites.

The links below will connect you to on-line care sheets and information about box turtles. Care sheets by different authors are listed because we still don’t know the one correct way to care for box turtles. Use your common sense in assessing care information from the various sources. Not everything you read may be correct. Be careful and learn from as many sources as possible and never stop searching for more information about box turtle care. Learn from Mother Nature especially. She’s been aptly caring for turtles for millions of years.