Box Turtle Care A to Z

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  1. Acknowledgment
  2. Box Turtle Taxonomy
  3. Turtle Anatomy
  4. Box Turtle Acquisition
  5. Proper Housing for Your Box Turtle
    Maintenance and Cleaning
  6. Selecting a Healthy Box Turtle
  7. Diet and Feeding Your Box Turtle
    Importance of Minerals and Vitamins in diet
  8. Health Care for Box Turtles
    Finding a Veterinarian
    Avoiding Salmonella
  9. Safe Hibernation
  10. Determining the Sex of Box turtles
  11. Breeding Your Box Turtles
    Care of the Breeding Pair
    Care of the Eggs
    Care of the Hatchlings
  12. Further Reading About Box Turtles
  13. Glossary
  14. Appendix

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